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Gender Determination

One of the most exciting aspects of a new addition is learning the gender and We love being apart of your special moment!


How Early Can you Determine Gender?

We offer a gender determination assurance from 16 weeks on.


What if Gender isn’t visible?

If gender isn’t visible and you are 16+ weeks gestation we offer a free revisit within 2 weeks of your initial session.


What if I book earlier than 16 weeks and want to know gender?

We do not guarantee nor offer a revisit for babes earlier than 16 weeks but will look and offer it if it’s easily visible.


What if I have twins or triplets?

We do not offer gender on multiples earlier than 16 weeks.


I’m planning a gender reveal. Can you write the gender down?

If you’d like your gender to be a surprise we can turn off the big screen while we determine gender. We will offer a photo in a sealed envelope for you to take home.

We do not advise booking a gender reveal party until gender has been determined in case a revisit is needed.

We don’t want to know gender. How do you ensure the surprise isn’t ruined?

For Team Green families we focus on the waist up. The imagers do not look for gender if it is not requested. If babe is earlier than 20 weeks gender is so small, it’s not easily visible and we can still have a great session and potentially full body shots.

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