A few “business-y” things to mention as TB experiences another transition 💗

As some of you may know July 3rd is Amy‘s last official day before She begins her maternity leave. Trisha will be taking over imaging and Amy will be the gal behind the scenes until her sweet babe joins her earth side in August.

Please allow us some extra patience as we navigate this next phase of TB and learn how best to accommodate you all during this transition.

In an effort to make the transition as simple as possible we will be making a few changes effective July 1st:

1) We will no longer be holding a cancellation list. Any cancellations or openings in the schedule will be posted on our Social Media pages and first come first served. Be sure to check back often if you’re looking for a closer appointment.

2) The fall schedule (September on) will be shifting slightly to accommodate the seasonal schedule of our families. We will open the fall schedule when it is finalized, which will be close to the end of summer.

3) We no longer have any weekend spots until mid August! If you’re hoping for a Saturday appointment, please book ASAP.

4) We do not accommodate drop ins! Please schedule your visit online

5) We will no longer be answering our phone Monday to Friday, instead it will be answered around appointments. Please leave us a message if you wish to chat or reach out via social media or email for a quicker response.

6) All appointments now require a credit card to book. We’ve had a string of no shows which is not fair to all the mamas that really want to get in! If you do not have a credit card you are welcome to prepay for your appointment via emt.

7) If you no show more than once we will no longer offer you services. We understand life happens and sometimes cancellations are needed. Please respect our time and provide us with as much notice as possible. No shows will not be tolerated and will result in blocked future appointments.

8) Yes you are allowed your spouse or support person to accompany you to your appointment. We currently allow mama plus up to 3 people in the session.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

The TB Team



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